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January 2007

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What makes the difference in whether an employee leaves, accepts, or declines a position? A new study by Monster, the online career site, says salary, opportunity for work-life balance, and benefits were the key factors. Diversity was another common theme—it was important to people of color as well as almost half of all Caucasians. Get key details about differences in motivation by ethnicity, gender, and age

Time magazine names you "2006 Person of the Year." Individuals have created a revolution, the magazine claims, and predicts that this revolution will not only change the world but change how the world changes. What does this mean for business, and for how offices are managed? Share your thoughts

Do you have a mission, or do you try to be all things to all people? That's the defining difference among companies profiled in Polly LaBarre's new book Mavericks at Work. The companies LaBarre studied practice "strategy as advocacy," which means they have a mission and they're in business to advance it—even if it goes against conventional business wisdom. And that's what makes them successful. So the obvious question: how might what LaBarre uncovered be useful not only on the company level, but also at the level of the individual worker? For more "maverick" ideas, see marketing leader Guy Kawasaki's interview with LaBarre.


Do you procrastinate because you're secretly a perfectionist? Well, here's how to get over it so you can cut down on the stress and stay sane while you're working on that next project. Six tips on how to be ultra-productive

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Flexible workplaces are getting more attention. This past Fall, Houston's mayor challenged employers to implement flexible work options for two weeks. The results? On two of the city's major freeways, 32,000 peak-time commuters saved more than 5.8% in travel time. More

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Write Time, Write Place, Write Now Royal Rose Inn B & B, Rehoboth, DE. Hold these dates: March 2 - 4, 2007.

Registration is now open. Email me if you'd like more information or are considering attending, or if you know someone who might be interested in a writing getaway.