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April 2006

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According to a recent (as yet unpublished) study, white employees with African-American supervisors experience greater racially based discomfort than do African-Americans with Caucasian supervisors. The study, recently presented at the Southern Management Association meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, suggests that this discomfort can lead to perceptions of racially unfair treatment. One solution? Seek common ground. Details

"Average" networkers make the critical error of only looking out for themselves. That's because they treat networking like it's a task. NOT! Authors and entrepreneurs Bob Allard and Richard Banfield tell you what networking really is and give you five steps that guarantee "greatness in networking" in their manifesto The Care and Feeding of Your Network.

Are you using email to create great connections? Or are your emails creating connection catastrophes? Unfortunately, the latter is too often true. Humor is often misinterpreted; mild displeasure can come a cross as being chastised; serious comments can be misconstrued as sarcasm. Before you press the send button, read this.


Want to know the best way to escape a problem? Solve it, recommends Valarie Washington, a knowledge broker and CEO of Think 6 Results. Problems begin simply, but often spiral out of control, costing your organization time and money. But as Einstein noted, problems cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them. Washington's 5-step Ladder of Problem Solving helps you access a higher level of thinking so that you can solve problems before they spiral out of control. Using the Ladder helps develop personal accountability, collaborative problem solving, and growth. Can't argue with that! More

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