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May 2007

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A health plan is the benefit most valued by U.S. workers, reports They'd rather give up wage increases and other benefits, like retirement, to keep their coverage. Details

You'd think strong corporate cultures would lead to high performance. Not true, reports a recent survey. And not sure why, either. An interesting non-sequitur: 70 percent of executives rank having environmentally friendly products and policies as "an important part of their mission," particularly for operating in countries with emerging markets. More

Look before you leap into a new project or employment relationship, cautions blogger ME Strauss, who's identified 10 great traits to look for in managers and clients. She writes, "Sometimes we get so involved in proving ourselves (italics mine) worthy, we forget to look at the person we might be working with (or for) until after the project has started." The list

Do you have an overall plan for your life and career, or do you constantly make ad hoc decisions about it? Adrian Savage —self-described writer, Englishman, and retired business executive, in that order—says it's better to sacrifice some spontaneity in order to create a life that balances six strands for success. Like strands that give a rope its strength, these six strands, blended together, create a strong, satisfying plan for your life and your career:
(1) Creating a vision.
(2) Creating a strategy to achieve the vision.
(3) Having the courage to change strategies into actions.
(4) Establishing good habits, like learning, credibility, and discipline.
(5) Accepting day-to-day responsibility for your life.
(6) Focusing on the present.


Top 10 tips for introverts who want to get through the day, stay out of negative situations, and stay positive about being a member of this much-misunderstood segment of the U.S. population. Details

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Networking for introverts Check it out!

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