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June 2007

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Employers are phishing their workers, reports Amy Joyce in her “Life at Work” column, published May 20, 2007, in the Washington Post. Why? To see who’s a security risk. Two phishing expeditions in one company revealed that 30 of 100 workers “took the bait within the first 20 minutes.” Joyce also reports that, according to the ePolicy Institute, employers are putting their workers under other types of surveillance, primarily because of worries about legal liabilities. For instance, 76 percent monitor employee Web site connections, 36 percent use technology to track content and/or keystrokes, and 55 percent retain and review email. More

Learn how to protect your privacy during a job search by following tips available from, recommends WaterCooler reader and executive coach Beth Hand. Two reasons: (1) the existence of "bogus" job sites interested only in collecting your personal information and (2) “scammers” who’ve figured out that job sites allow "employers" to search their databases and keep copies of résumés. Details

Companies are calling for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to help identify and assist domestic violence victims. An employer coalition is working with EAPs to ensure that they know how to spot signs of abuse. Note: It’s not about workplace safety, but about productivity, reports Jessica Marquez for Workforce Management. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, domestic violence costs $727.8 million annually (and 7.9 million paid workdays) in lost productivity. More


Here are two resources for keeping email from taking over your life:

(1)’s post on a nine-step program to cure email addiction.

(2) Timothy Ferris’ Change This manifesto for going on a low-information diet. You can find more about Ferris at his Four-Hour Work Week blog.

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EAPs and your privacy Check it out!

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