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August 2006

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Hiring falls short, but joblessness steady. High energy prices and a slowing economy seem to have caught employers betwixt and between on hiring. Experts say most businesses are unsure about which way the economy is heading and their indecision is affecting hiring plans. Details

Even in the information age, many workers are still making do with bad data. Only about 10 percent of workers say they always have all the information they need to make business decisions, and information workers spend an average of 12 hours weekly verifying the accuracy and quality of data used to make decisions. The effect on business? Many businesses are paying the price for making bad decisions and losing productivity. Source: Sales & Marketing Management e-letter, July 10, 2006

What benefit do most employees want? Working out of their homes one or two days a week, says Yet fewer than one in four workers gets that perk. Details


Training your boss. If your boss routinely ignores you, withholds praise, or offers little guidance or feedback, you might need to take action. IT pro Becky Roberts looks at some ways you can get your boss on the right track. More

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Watch this space for a review of Debbie Weil's The Corporate Blogging Book — because, who knows? There may be a blog in your or your company's future.