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August 2007

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The face of HR is changing— human resources professionals are differentiating into benefits experts, organizational development specialists, and personnel recruiters. If you are interested in this growing field and considering a transition, you may find this community HR career forum, sponsored by Workforce Management, useful.

Transitioning to a leadership role, regardless of field, tops the list of life’s most stressful events, reports Global HR consulting firm Development Dimensions International (Pittsburgh, PA)—ahead of such upheavals as divorce, bereavement, and moving. But most leaders polled said the transition was worth the added pressure. Details

Speaking of transitions, are you considering a company transfer? Relocation specialists are creating measures to keep costs in check in an uncertain real estate market, such as insisting that transferred employees list their properties with company-approved brokers. The thinking is philosophically similar to that underlying the healthcare system— not using a system-approved provider means the employee bears the cost. More


Everyone seems to want to telecommute, but that can be a tricky transition. You must excel at communicating, whether you use phone, email, or the occasional on-site visit. offers five tips for making the most of your face time.

Blog Entry

Book review: Coaching Soup for the Cartoon Soul In which coaches and trainers Jed Niederer and Germaine Porché offer antidotes to taking ourselves too seriously.

On Stage

Writers in the Sky Podcast

Writer and public speaker Yvonne Perry will interview me about Mentor Me in September 2007. Details about date and time forthcoming.