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November 2006

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Imagine you are in a "New World" workplace, one managed with "the aloha" of a great manager. There, you would find a boss whose intention is to be your learning coach and mentor. How would you recognize that person? Find out

Do you travel regularly to conferences and meet-ups? Then check out for a ready-made list of what not to forget. Details

Looking to relocate as you mentor yourself to another destination on your career lattice? Now there's a Web site that helps you decide where to look for your next position. Based on your answers to a brief (10-minute) quiz, the site suggests 24 places you might enjoy living, and where to go for additional information about each place. You can even bookmark the quiz results. Go there


Web content management system is popping up everywhere I look —on blogs, in online newspapers—and now someone's discovered how to use it for managing contacts. What he does

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The Case for Personal Sustainability How sustainable is your work ethic? Read this, and see what you think.

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Cross-Posting: Writing Retreat

Write Time, Write Place, Write Now Royal Rose Inn B & B, Rehoboth, DE. Hold these dates: March 2 - 4, 2007.

One of the greatest thrills in my career was achieving a dream: having two books published. Maybe you have a similar dream, but have been putting off getting started. So take action—get away and get writing by attending my upcoming writing retreat. If you'd like to join my mailing list and be among the first to get the details, email me.