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Water Cooler

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February - March 2008

Thank you, readers, for responding to the survey I sent in January. Your responses are helping me decide what's next for WaterCooler. While I work this out, I'll depart a bit from the traditional structure and offer this timely nudge from Suzanne Lieurance, who invites us to take stock of where we are, and where we're going—now that the enthusiasms of our New Year's goals have cooled a bit.

Evaluate Your Progress So Far!

You probably set some goals for yourself at the first of the year. You even wrote them down and tucked the list away somewhere.

Well, this year, don't wait for December to roll around before you start evaluating your progress toward those goals.

Do it at the end of each and every month. Today, look over the list of goals you made at the first of the month. Check off the goals you have already reached and congratulate yourself!

Notice the goals you had already forgotten about, and put those at the top of the list now.

This month, you start anew, knowing exactly how much progress you have already made toward your goals, so you know exactly what you STILL need to do in the coming months to reach them all.

Try it!

Suzanne Lieurance is Founder, Director, and Coaching Coordinator for The National Writing for Children Center, Home of the Children's Writers Coaching Club, P.O. Box 8422, Kansas City, MO 64114. Lieurance publishes an inspirational daily eletter and provides coaching services for writers. Reprinted with permission.